I used to believe that chiropractors were a joke -  I was wrong!  As a Disabled Veteran my pain only increased over time.  My doctor referred to Alvey chiropractic but I didn't think I would get  any relief.  Much to my surprise and relief, Alvey Chiropractic has brought my pain level from a constant 8-9 (on a 10 point scale) to a 2-3! My lower back still flares up to an 8-9 pain level when I work but it goes back to a 2-3 within a hour after I stop.    The exercise they showed me has helped tremendously.  I do some of the exercises most nights before going to sleep and have found they are a blessing. I hope that the rest of my treatments will help me continue to improve. It's possible that my lowest pain level will continue at a 2-3 but I am hopeful that with continued treatments and exercise that the flare ups will reduce over time.


What I like about Dr. Alvey is that she genuinely cares about your back getting better.  I came to her with lower back and hip pain.  She helped me pinpoint my bad habits, such as the way I sit and type, sitting with my leg tucked under me, and leaning on the console while driving.  She taught me better control and form in my exercising, and also how diet and inflammation can slow the healing process.  Dr. Alvey has wonderful, friendly staff!

Andrea L.

I want to thank Tina Alvey, D.C.  for all the help she has given me!  Even after going to my family physician, a sports and spine specialist, multiple physical therapists  and started treatment for sleep apnea, my back hurt ALL the time.  Friends kept telling me, “Go to a Chiropractor.”  I grew up in the 50’s when most people believed that chiropractors were “quacks” so I knew a Chiropractor could not help me!   However, the pain continued and I finally decided to make an appointment with Dr. Alvey.   Besides the adjustments, she taught me how to get out of bed and how to lay on my pillow.  Can you believe that at 76 years of age I had to be taught such things?   She tells me “if people would do some of the easy lifestyle changes, they would be in less pain.”   Now I am almost completely PAIN FREE!  Hallelujah! Thank you, God, for Dr. Tina Alvey!

Darlene G. of Corrigan

For the last 20 years, Dr. Alvey has taken care of me from my neck to my feet!  I am now 70 years old and she has healed my injuries from falls and overused joints.  She keeps me in alignment and shares new information and procedures.   She is not only the best chiropractor I've ever seen, she is a friend too!  She also helps with our diet and overall health.   I recommend her to everyone that will listen!

Louise A.

My family and I have used Alvey Chiropractic for about 15 years and I still trust the comprehensive care I receive from Dr. Alvey.  She does an incredible job finding out what may have contributed to any pain I experience. Once I am out of pain, she also gives me the knowledge and tools I need to maintain my adjustment.  I am very thankful for the wealth of information and excellent service provided by Alvey Chiropractic and continue to make it my number one choice in health care!

June W.

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