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Dr. Tina Alvey performs advanced spinal correction using "state of the art" chiropractic techniques.  Many of the newer correction methods are even safer, more comfortable and more effective than ever before.   In basic terms, the spinal adjustment or manipulation refers to the process in which the doctor of chiropractic skillfully applies controlled force into one or more misaligned vertebrae of the spine.  The adjustment is usually delivered using the hands or through the use of a specialized mechanical tool.

Adjustments are a safe, natural, noninvasive procedure used by the chiropractor to restore and improve health.  Learning the art of adjusting is a skill that requires years of study and practice.  Chiropractic doctors are the only health care professionals trained to deliver the chiropractic adjustment.  Spinal adjustments by any other health care professional or individual have been shown to be dangerous and less effective.

Lifestyle Advice

Ergonomics at home and work is where Dr. Alvey's investigative skills shine. "The secret to good health is in the details of our everyday activities."  She has found that so much pain and dysfunction can be minimized or even eliminated once the patient becomes aware of how they are using their body. Dr. Alvey works with the patient to identify what activities and postures contribute to their condition.  This involves asking patients about how they sit, sleep, drive, walk, and etc.  Dr. Alvey then coaches patients about certain activities they should avoid or do differently to avoid aggravating their particular health challenge.

Core/Spinal Stabilizing Exercises

We offer hands-on rehabilitation services to assist in recovering normal function, pain reduction and injury prevention.  Our goal is to educate every patient and to make the spine supportive exercises more applicable for everyday use.

The exercises retrain the brain, which has forgotten how to activate the proper muscles for movement.   Dr. Alvey performs a movement pattern analysis to identify dysfunctional movement patterns.  She then prescribes the exercise(s) that will strengthen and keep the body structurally sound.  You are shown how to correctly perform the exercise and then observed performing the exercise to ensure that it is done correctly. These exercises can then be performed at home, improving the effectiveness of your spinal correction by as much as 30-40%.  Specific exercises and stretches can help your body stay in balance and in health!


To complement and enhance the healing effects the specific Chiropractic manipulative treatment, physiological therapeutic procedures can help reduce pain and :


Ultrasound is a therapy that is utilized to handle injuries related to joints, muscle spasms, as well as most soft tissues. While it shares the same name, this ultrasound is not the same as the type of ultrasound utilized diagnostically to screen internally in the body. This ultrasound creates small sound waves that in effect vibrate and massage soft tissues and muscle. These sound waves do an excellent job in facilitating the body's healing process in addition to decreasing scar tissue formation.

Certain ultrasounds also create a heating effect to help relax the muscles or tightness in the body. This heat combined with the overall features of the ultrasound help to start the healing process at the most basic cellular level speeding up your recovery.

Interferential Electro-Therapy (Stim)

Stim is an excellent method of helping the body deal with spasms and sprains.   After attaching a small electrode to the skin, a very small electrical current is sent into the affected soft tissue injury or spasm to reduce swelling and release spasms.  The feeling is similar to a soft buzzing.  Stim  helps the body release natural pain relievers.   Ten to fifteen minute sessions facilitate healing from acute and chronic pain.

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