Products and Supplements

Dr. Alvey carries only pharmaceutical grade supplement lines including Biotics Research and Standard Process to address underlying dysfunction that causes inflammation in nutritional counseling.

These are some of our patient's favorite products to help assist the healing process.

303's - this mild herbal muscle relaxer has a non-drowsy formula

Stress Plus - 303's with magnesium, these are better at night to help relax muscles and calm the body, but can be taken at very stressful times during the day.

Natural Calm - this magnesium product helps to replenish low magnesium levels which can have an effect on our stress levels, help you sleep and calms the nervous system and muscles.

Logic Back - this back rest provides lumbar support and is essential if you sit for long periods.

Exercise aids - Styrofoam rolls and half rolls

Ice/heat packs

Wrist braces and Tennis Elbow Support

Superfeet Insoles - help adapt the flat, 2-dimensional midsoles of your footwear to your 3-dimensional foot to stabilize the foot and to provide support and comfort.

Wrist Brace

Tennis Elbow Support brace

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